Thursday, January 17, 2008

Whoa!!!! wait wait wait....

I never how to start…

Let me glance back to the things happened to me last year…

Most of my dreams last year came true.. let me enumerate them
1.) I was able to watch this concert that I was dying to see! Beyonce Experience is such an experience.
2) I was able to go to Boracay which I though I will never visit.. ( I already have my plane ticket and will go back this coming April.. hahahaha..) I never really enjoyed the first time we went there, we didn’t had enough time to cruise that Paradise, I never had my camera then, but now, I am equipped, and we’ll stay there for 5 days! Hhhmmmm…

3) I bought my dream camera. I’ve been in love with photography lately, I studied the basic online and now, I am starting to apply what I have learned, and Photography is my new Hobby now. I almost failed to have that camera, I e-mailed my cousin to buy one for me, and she hollered back saying that there was no stock, so she need to buy it online, and if she does, she will never be there by the time it will be shipped coz I just sent her an email a week before she will leave. After a couple of days, she replied that she already bought the camera for me! Whoa!! I can not believe it! After all!!!!

4) I was promoted as a supervisor. After all the hardwork I went through, it paid off. But still, im still in a probationary..

That’s it I think?

Oh before I forget, my Bebe gave me 212 EDT! I never had a chance to buy one after the last bottle I consumed. Thank you

Last quarter of the year was the busiest time for me, I never get the chance to watch TV, not even listen to my favorite radio, not even visit the malls.. but before the year ends, I did shopping, watched movies, and ate food that I crave.. Last year was a BLAST I must say.. but??? What’s in-store for me this year? I would never expect, so might not get frustrated..

But for this year, here are my goals:

1.) Update my mobile unit: I’ve been short tempered when I see this warning from my phone that the 95% messages full!! Darn! It was just a hundred messages and it’s already full! I can not delete those messages coz I need them! (FYI, those are not quotes yeah?!)
2.) I need to have an ipod. Hahaha! I know, I know, its been quite some time since the ipod was released and yet I never had one, coz before, I find it as a luxury, and now, I think I need it. Traveling, listening over the favorite station of the driver sucks! Nakaka bobo! ( Sorry for the term), I don’t have a choice, if only I could tell my ears not to listen, I will.. but then again, im still having a second thought kung kailangan ko ba talaga yun o hindi.. hhhmm…
3.) Visit Palawan this year
4.) More trips, more fun

‘Till then!!!

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Sunday, July 01, 2007


I’ve been deprived of having things that I wanted. And when i started working, i told myself that i'll buy all the things i want, but look at me now... I can’t even have the latest mobile phone that I wanted, ipod that almost everybody has, PSP... Whew! Why can’t I have those things that I wanted? Do I really need ‘em? Are they essential? I availed credit cards and yet I don’t have the guts to swipe ‘ em.. ang kuripot ko!!!! I hate myself for this, what do u think is the panacea for this? I want those gadgets but I don’t want to spend my savings… the proliferation of these end gadgets makes me feel outdated. I pity myself.. poor me!!!!

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Sunday, June 10, 2007


O Musta Na? anong chika? Anong balita? Lahat kasali! Ugali na ng pinoy ang maki tsismis… sa opisina, sa eskwela, sa palengke, sa kalsada, sa parlor, sa mall, sa kapehan, sa banyo, sa lobby, sa telepono, sa cellphone, sa internet, lahat na yata ng klaseng pang komikasyon ay ginagawang tulay upang mapagkunan ng tsismis. Hay, ang tsismis nga naman. Ano nga ba ang salitang tsismis?

TSISMIS- gossip, chika, mga balitang kumakalat, usap usapan ng madla, may katotohanan man o wala, tsismis pa din ito..

Ilang tao na nga ba ang nasira dahil sa tsismis?
Ilang taong sumikat dahil sa tsismis?
Ilang relasyon na ang nasira ng dahil lang sa tsismis?
Ilang tahanan na ang nawasak ng dahil lang sa tsismis?

Tsismis ang isang dahilan ang pagkaira ng isang samahan. Hindi naman sa lahat, ngunit minsan sa karamihan. Bakit nga ba tayo nakikitsismis? Isa sa pampalipas oras natin ang pagtsi-tsismis, lalo na sa mga taong walang ginagawa, pupunta sa kapit bahay at pag uusapan ang pwedeng pag usapan, kukunin ang telepono at tatawagan ang mga ka chika upang silay mag chi-chikahan, minsan may conference pa! Makikipagkita ka sa kaibigan mo sa isang coffee shop para makipag tsismisan. Mula sabado ng tangahali hanggang linggo, bubuksan na ang telebisyon, star talk na! The Buzz! E channel, lahat!! hay, nakatutuwang isipin ngunit sadyang nangyayari ang mga bagay na ganito.

Ang tsismis nga naman. Ikaw? Isa ka bang tsismoso/ tsismosa?
Umamin ka!
Anong balita?

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

ang pagbabalik...

Ayan.. mejo maayos na pakiramdam ko.. and yet, I still can’t smoke. Abusado kasi, last Wednesday, sa kagustuhan kong lumabas, lumabas pa din ako kahit gabing gabi na. nagkapae ako sa metrowalk, dala ng kainggitan, nag yosi ako ng ngagyosi.. ayan, kinabukasan, ubo to the maxx na naman.. hay, that’s what stubborn people can get.

I lost weight din, siguro nga 5 lbs. dalawang araw akong di makakain ng kanin. I only ate peaches and corn and drink lots of water. The next day, I tried to eat noodles and still I can’t swallow it! Damn!

Ayun, hindi ko man lang na enjoy yung four days na off ko sa work. Nagpahinga lang ako. And now, here I am again, nasa office, nagtratrabaho..

Anyway, tama na yang usapang sakit, basta ang alam ko, okay na ako, not quite but at least I feel better. Thank God!

By the way, the project that we tested for a week is already our account. Success!! Im so happy. After all the hard word, eto na yung bunga. 

Sana maging maayos na lahat… sana…

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Monday, May 28, 2007

tao lang...

may sakit ako!!! sumuko na din ang katawang lupa ko... sabi ko na nga ba't hahantong din kami dito eh.. huling pasok ko na to para sa linggong ito. magpapahinga ako hanggang sa sabado.. hay salamat... uso diun pala ang salitang REST. hindi puro trabaho trabaho trabaho... sarap kasi magtrabaho eh. habang nasa opisina ako. trabaho lang.. di mo na namamamalayan ang oras... sana alas 11 na ng gabi... gusto ko ng umuwi... gusto ng bumagsak ng katawang lupa.. hindi ko na kaya... :'(

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Wala Lang

I dunno what’s happening with me right now. I can’t even compose a paragraph. Damn!
Stress? Maybe. Bohtered? Somehow. Pressured? As always. I miss my friends, I miss my parents. I think I need a break. I need a vacation, im fed up. I miss going to bars, drinking all night long, partying like an animal. Partying boosts me up! I gain my self confidence, get updates on what’s in. I wanna party, but at this point, it seems that my schedule don’t want to cooperate. I was sent to a new project that I need to go to work on a weekend to train new agents. It sucks! Why now?! I can’t even whine… why? I don’t have the guts and I don’t have the right! Hahahaha is that right? People surrender the word Freedom when they enter a certain position, a position sandwiched by Managers and agents. You will always have to consider these people before making a decision. Oh well, its part of my job, I need to deal with it. I assessed myself at this point in time; I can’t handle a managerial position. Ang hirap palanag maging manager, well, im not saying na manager ako. Hahaha. Ayaw ko muna maging manager, hindi pa ako handa! Hahaha wala akong managerial skills, pero matututunamn ko din yan baling araw.. and one day, magiging manager din ako.. tandaan nyo yan.. hehehehe and now, dahil walang magawa, nakapag sulat na naman ako… I was just staring at my screen, and I just let my fingers type and type.. and here you go..

I need to vent, I need my friends! I need an update!!!!!! Sana one of these days makagimik naman ako… tara mga ka blog.. gimik tayo!

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